Acupuncture-Rotator Cuff Injury

I have been seeing Jenna since the end of July. The first thing she did for me was relax my entire body. I have no stress of tension anymore! I have had pain for two years from rotator cuff issues and have tried physical therapy which did not help at all. Jenna is the only one who has given me less

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Acupuncture for Fertility

I came to Jenna after a couple of months of me and my husband trying to conceive. I would never have thought I would have problems with this, my husband and I got pregnant with our first child on accident so after a few months of trying, I decided to reach out for help. People would not think of acupuncture... Read more »

Acupuncture: Relief from Chronic Neck Pain, Hot Flashes and IBS

Jennifer, where do I begin, you are absolutely AMAZING!!! I have been living with chronic neck pain for over 20 years, after literally one acupuncture treatment with Jenna, I felt relief. I have just received my fourth treatment last night and I feel great. Jenna has also been able to increase my energy level, decrease hot flashes and night sweats

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Low Back Pain- C.L.

“I have had both acupuncture and cupping treatments from Jenna, as well as from others. While it has been a benefit for my lower back issues following all of my treatments, the treatments I have received from Jenna exceeded all others regarding the relief I experienced. I also experienced greater connectivity during my treatment as if she knew exactly which

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